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Vandana is a very good yoga teacher, the best you can get. She is probably the only teacher who besides having such a busy work schedule as a school teacher (Math that drains your brain..) takes out time to teach yoga..She pays personal attention to each and every one of her students, even if it is a full class.She seems to add a personal touch to teaching by enquiring about your health and your limitations. She constantly checks on your progress.I don’t know how she does it but she can remember her students capabilities and strengths very well.I loved her class and if I had not moved to Texas I would be a person who would be still doing my yogavandana to Vandana. Keep up the good work!!

– Geetha M.


I love Vandana’s classes because she has every student’s best interest in mind and has a keen interest in their progress. Whether she has 30 students in class or ten, she is aware of each student’s posture and individual limitations. If a student should refrain from trying a new position because of problems such as sciatica, she immediately stops them and gives a substitute pose that would accomplish the same thing. She inquires after students to make them feel welcome and create a community where everyone belongs and supports each-other. She discourages competition and emphasizes that nobody should strain unnecessarily and get hurt. Everybody wins in this class, from those in prime of their health, to seniors with disability.

I find myself more flexible, slimmer, and relaxed after taking the classes.

– Dena G.


Vandana is a wonderful yoga teacher, she is passionate and extremely knowlegeable. She makes sure to explain each and every pose and their benefits in detail. After her classes I always felt rejuvenated ,relaxed and wanting to come back to her next class. She truly cares for her students.At the beginning of every class she would ask the students if they would like to focus on any particular area. Once when I mentioned to her about my wrist pain , she included some poses to relieve my pain.

There is something for everyone here. Highly recommended.

– Aarathi R.


I have taken three other Yoga classes with different instructors and Vandana is the best. She takes time to suggest different Asanas that will help alleviate my hip problems as well. She knows everyone’s name and makes us feel welcome.

– Mary F.


At the end of a busy day, this class by Vandana is a treat you can give yourself. The personal care and attention you get in the class is worth mentioning. Vandana adds humor to every instruction so you end up enjoying the class. I really looked forward to this class every Wednesday and would still continue if I had not moved. I highly recommend this class by Vandana and it is absolutely worth every penny you pay and more!!! Love you Vandana.

– Gee M.


Vandana’s Yoga class is one of the best classes I have had and I look forward to it every time. She is an excellent teacher who is aware of every student’s weak points and takes the time and effort to incorporate an asana into the routine that will help. Her yoga class has helped me tremendously in more ways than one and is one of the best things that has happened to me. Thank you, Vandana.

– Uma M.

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