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Stress is probably the main cause of severe health problems in today’s hectic lifestyle. It can lead to ailments such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression and related heart illnesses. Exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Yoga is one form of exercise that helps you relieve stress and tone your body in order to stay healthy. Doing yoga on a regular basis helps reduce the risk of injury to the limbs; it trains the body to be more flexible through yogic postures that are called Asanas.

Yoga is not always about physical fitness. Through breathing exercises known as “Pranayama,” yoga keeps the mind at peace and helps us control our senses. The cleansing of the soul is of utmost importance as we try to attain peace. Dhyana (meditation) aids us in this process. The combination of relaxation, Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyana provides the mind, body and soul with the sound health which we all dream of. Yoga helps make this dream a reality.

At YogaVandana, we believe that yoga has to be performed in the traditional style with the understanding that each person’s body is unique and the body needs to be respected for what it is. While it is desirable to stretch ourselves and push our boundaries, it is important to be aware of your own body’s disposition; the inability to do so would amount to the abuse of the body.

Vandana is adept at working with people of varied ability levels. She has worked with beginners, intermediate as well as advanced yoga students. Her teaching style gives students of all levels an experience that makes them feel rejuvenated ready to take on the week with positive energy.

Think health; think yoga!!