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Classes during COVID-19

YogaVandana is doing its best to help you stay calm and composed in this difficult time. Although, we are unable to offer our studio classes in person, following a trial period, we are happy to announce that we are able to offer our yoga classes online via Zoom. It is our hope that this will bring in some sort of normalcy into your lives.

In this unusual times, it is also important to address the needs of our teenagers who are unable to have normal social lives due to school closures. YogaVandana is offering Teen yoga classes once a week to help with the physical and emotional well-being of our young friends.

As a service to the front line workers & everyone who has been working during these unprecedented times to keep us safe, YogaVandana will donate 50% of all proceeds in May & June to COVID-19 relief.

Adult yoga classes:
Sundays – 8:30 A.M. to 9:45 A.M.

Teen yoga classes:
Tuesdays – 3:15 P.M. to 4:15 P.M.

Please note that you are required to sign a liability waiver before you start the first session. If interested, please contact us at (408) 219-7353 by text or email at contactyogavandana@gmail.com

Vandana Kadam has been practicing Yoga for more than thirty years. She studied with a renowned yoga practitioner in Bangalore, India, and has worked with leading practitioners in the Bay Area. Vandana has been teaching yoga successfully in San Jose since 2004 and combines her teaching skills (she is a middle school math teacher by profession) with her proficiency in yoga to help yoga enthusiasts achieve the fitness level they desire.

Vandana Kadam offers Yoga classes in a friendly atmosphere in San Jose, CA.

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